Worldwide the noiseregulations are getting strikter and strikter on the circuits.the modern sportsbike produce so much intakenoise that it's almost impossible to ride the perfect laptimes without breaking the rules and get blackflagged.

On this page you will find db measurements from around the world of motorfans who install a MWR High Efficient airfilter in there bike.

We want to collect as much information about this subject as possible.Iff you install a MWR High Efficient airfilter and can get the hold on db measurements,send them to us and we will put them on this page.

We are only intrested in the Dynamic Measurments because this system measures the intake noise.

Iff you have information for us and want to send it to us >> click here << 

Give us the right information about your bike :

STD = standard , SSTK = superstock , SSP = supersport , SBK = superbike.

Standard bike with race exhaust will be classified as SSTK

Thank you

02/10/2009                               Yamaha R6  SSP (ONK)                                         Practice- qualification                                   circuit: Assen(NL)

  Sportsfilter : 100.2 db                                 MWR HE : 93.7db

27/03/2010                               Suzuki GSXR 750  K8   STD                                    Extreme Test                                               circuit : Assen (NL)

 3th gear : 94.4 db                                       4th gear : 93.8 db                                         5th gear: 92.1db                                    6th gear: 89.8db

27/03/2010                               Honda CBR 600RR  '09 STD                                  Race simulation                                        circuit : Assen (NL)

 5 laps :   93.9db , 94.6db , 93.1db , 94.2db , 94.7db

 28/03/2010                             Suzuki  GSXR 1000  K7  SSTK                                Trackdays                                                      circuit:Zolder(Bel)

 Race-exhaust with db killer                                   3th gear :95.9db              6th gear: 91.5db

28/03/2010                               Kawasaki   ZX6RR '09  STD                                     Race simulation                                         circuit:Zolder(Bel)

STD airfilter : 95.9db                       MWR HE filter : 94.8db 


28/03/2010                              BMW S1000RR  SBK                                                 Race Simulation                                        circuit:Zolder (Bel)

Full  IDM  SBK  trim                           99.0db