This new revolutionary High Efficient Airfilter is designed to reduce intake noise and yet more power to deliver.

The incoming turbulant air is stablelized and accelerated around the edge of the airsplitter plate , this means greater volume evenly distributed throughout the airbox.

Unlike any other sportsfilter all inlets will get with this High Efficient Airfilter the same quantity of air, regardless the speed of the motorcycle or wind directions . No different fuel-mappings between internal & external or front & rear cilinders are needed , this will be achieved by tuning each cylinder seprerate .

This new design of airfilter has shown a reduction of up to 8db of intake noise in testing aswell as an increase in power (compared to other sportsfilters)

MotoGP,WSBK,WSS and Moto2 are already using this technology.

Caution: Remapping the ECU or the Fuel Control Module is highly recommended.Only use MWR cleaner and airfilteroil .

Caution: clean and re-oil at least once a year with MWR airfilteroil & cleaner . Trackbikes must clean & pre-oil at least twice a year .

INSTALATION : The airsplitterplate always in direction of the engine intakes




TORNADO 900 Tre / CAFE RACER 1130 /

TNT 1130 / TNT 899 / Tre 1130 K / Tre 899 K

PART.NR.: MC-120-10 HE 
The airfilter consists two seperate parts , a dry dustcover and a pre-oiled filter , with this system the increase in mileage will be more than 100% , also developed  to seal-off better with the side of the airbox . Clean & pre-oil the filter at least ones a year . Use only MWR filteroil & cleaner for the best protection . Afther cleaning : do not oil the dustcover

                                  STEP 1 

           LEAVE 1 PLASTIC FRAME INSIDE                               THE AIRBOX               

                                  STEP 2


                                 STEP 3



MWR "HE" vs DNA vs Stock